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07/02/2019 — 0


Wethepeople PRO Ed Zunda just built up a fresh setup for 2019. That Pastel Mint AWAKE Frame looks incredible with the all black parts package. Ed recently made the switch to our INDEX frontload stem and our new HELIX complete wheels. Find out more about Ed’s new setup and why he’s so stoked on it.

FRAME – WTP Awake (signature model, 21.1”, Matt Pastel Green

FORK – WTP Battleship 24mm offset

BAR – WTP Stallis (Dan Kruk sig.) 9.25”

STEM – WTP INDEX Frontload



CRANK – WTP Logic 170mm, with WTP Mid BB

SPROCKET – WTP Pathfinder (Felix Prangenberg sig.) with bolt-on guard, 25t


SEAT – WTP Team Slim Pivotal

POST – WTP Socket Pivotal with built in 17mm ratchet

FRONT WHEEL – WTP Helix Front Hub, Logic Rim

REAR WHEEL – WTP Helix Freecoaster Hub, Logic Rim

PEGS – WTP Dill Pickle Pegs

You’ve recently joined a few other on the Wethepeople team and made the switch back to a frontlaod stem and slim seat. Was there a specific reason behind this? Do you think this is a new “trend” which will catch on with more riders?

I’ve had a slim seat for a year now, it just looks sleeker and cleaner. I don’t really see the point of needing a fat seat unless you sit down all day. With the stem, it’s kinda the same, it just looks nicer in my opinion. It was time for a change and i’ve never liked super tall bars anyway. It looks super nice and feels perfect for me. Hard to say if it’s a trend but i think more riders will for sure try it out.

What kind of modifications do you have to do to your bike when building up a fresh one?

I used to cut the bars down a little bit, but the Stallis bars are perfect at 28.5”. They just feel perfect out of the box. I always cut the post down, I used cut my fork steerer too but since we changed to the 127mm head tube on the AWAKE frame I don’t need to any more. I always stretch my grips too. Thats it, not much. Luckily there isn’t too many things I need to do these days, WTP made it all too easy for me haha

You’re riding the new Wethepeople Helix Freecoaster, can you explain some of the advantages and changes on this new version?

I actually took it apart when I got it, and instantly realised how much easier it is to work on because of the push on cone on the driver side. You don’t need a wrench any more which is great. The hub work perfect and is super smooth, the friction is more stable and the axle is beefier which is only a good thing. I like that is comes with guards too, way more convienent.

The new Wethepeople Logic pedals have dropped and by the sounds of it you had a lot of input on the design. What exactly is important to you when it comes to a pedal and what was some of the input you gave the design team?

It was a great experience since I’m super picky and specific about pedals. I personally like when the platform is bigger, its nicer on the feet and puts less stress on them. Plenty of pins, and larger size pins so they don’t wear down as fast. Super important that they are strong, no one wants to snap a pedal on a big landing. The pedals fit the rest of the WTP line which is important for me since I ride a full 100% setup and i want my ride to look clean.

How do you deal with living in such a cold country during the winter and how do you still keep up with riding when the weather is bad?

It’s hard, I can’t lie. You have to stay positive. Luckily we have a good indoor spot which I get to ride every day. Winter is slow but you have to just concentration the good weather and travelling the rest of the year.

What’s the secret to locking in nose manuals? It seems you maybe have a secret button hidden somewhere on your bike…

I wish haha! Its hard you just got to find that magic point. Some days they work perfect, others not so good. You just have to keep working at them and it will happen.




19/05/2018 — 0

Dan Kruk has a progressive handle bar angle and some next-level progressive moves to go along with it. If you have ever seen Dan ride you know he needs bars that will hold up to what he can throw at them when he working on his next NBD. His signature "Stallis" bar is strong enough for Dan which means it will be more than strong enough for you. These are made to Dan's exact specifications so he can take them out of the box and ride them with no modifications so you know they are the right size for throwing the bars. Luckily the angle you choose to run them is up to you.



11/05/2018 — 0

Felix Prangenberg drops a random pin just outside of Long Beach, CA and we find a ton of random bits and bobs to mess around on. Felix proceeds to film an inordinate amount of clips for a single day along with his homie Miguel AKA @SMILESRIDESBIKES