Nathan Williams On Kink BMX!

19/01/2018 — 0

Kink BMX is honored to welcome 2018, and another progressive year for Kink and BMX, with the announcement of Nathan Williams to the Kink Pro Team! Nathan will be repping Kink, continuing to leave his mark on street spots and setups around the world, with a new family and plenty of projects in the works. As always, our focus remains on promoting the best riders in the game, with high quality products, and endless travels with the squad to back it all up! We’re as stoked for the future, as we are proud of the past; stay tuned and stay the course!


Darryl Tocco – Kink x Eclat 2018

03/01/2018 — 0

Start 2018 off right with a heavy dose of that classic Darryl Tocco steeze. Filmed mostly within the last year, Darryl’s latest effort for Kink x Eclat is full of his unwavering two pegs, cassette, rear brake style that he makes look so good—the "Tocco" setup, if you will. With those high hops, damn fine looking barspins, and lots of speed... thanks for keeping it classy, Darryl.